Rosedene Cattery, located in Eston near Middlesbrough

Offering modern, purpose-built cattery facilities, Rosedene Cattery in Eston is very conveniently located on the southern side of Middlesbrough, close to Teesside airport and Redcar. Our licensed cattery offers your cat high quality facilities in a peaceful environment.

Rosedene Cattery, Rosedene farmhouse, Old Lackenby, Eston, Middlesbrough, TS6 8DN


Luxury Cattery

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Our purpose built cattery was built in a horse-shoe shape, with the accommodation units looking out over a central garden, which includes a water feature. The cattery area is securely enclosed inside a 3.5 metre tall barrier with floodlights and a CCTV system. The accommodation block has an open-plan design, ensuring cats have plenty of fresh air and natural light.

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The cattery accommodation units include purpose-built fully insulated penthouse sleeping areas, each with thermostatically controlled heating and double-glazed windows for maximum comfort.

Cats have full access to their own individual outdoor exercise run via a catflap, reached via a ramp. Individual units are divided by double-glazed windows on both sides, ensuring that although cats can see each other, they can't come into direct contact.

To help our guests relax, soothing music is played in the cattery via the sound system and there are cat litter trays both indoors and outdoors. Naturally, each penthouse unit is cleaned and disinfected once it has been vacated and before your cat can move in. The cattery was designed and built to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and, as part of this, it has a dedicated kitchen, used for food preparation and cleaning cat equipment and bedding.

We offer accommodation for single cats or families of cats boarding together from the same home.

Please be aware that all cats boarding with us must be fully innoculated, and the certificates must be shown on arrival.

Cattery logoRosedene Cattery, Eston, Middlesbrough

If you'd like to make a reservation, would like to visit us or have any questions, please get in touch today!