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Middlesbrough Cattery
Own a cattery in Middlesbrough? This domain is now for sale.
Want to buy this domain name?

Ideal for a cattery in Middlesbrough

This domain,, which has been in use as a demonstration website for the past few years for a boarding cattery in Middlesbrough, is now surplus to our requirements and is available for sale.

If you own a boarding cattery in Middlesbrough or the surrounding areas, give your website a head start over the competition by buying this domain name. In use as a demonstration site for the past few years, is already the first result in Google searches. Not just that, but if you don't already have a website for your cattery, or think it's time to update your existing website, we can offer professional and affordable website design services!

Details of pricing and a form to allow you to get in touch and ask to buy the domain can be found on our 'domain enquiries' page.

This domain is now available for sale and several other premium domain names we own are available for purchase after June 2017

Working under the name BeenDesigned, we are a small group of freelance website designers based in the UK and Italy. We offer clients affordable and effective design services. If you want a new website for your business, get in touch with us. Getting a decent, professionally designed website costs less than you think.

Personal Website Design Service

We're a small group of website designers, friends for many years, living in both the UK and Italy. Originally, we started building websites as a hobby, but over time the hobby turned into a full-time business. We're a small group and plan on remaining that way, and we build websites because we enjoy doing it. These days, lots of 'local website designers' don't design websites any more. They take orders, but then farm them out to low-cost agencies in places like India. As a business model, it's an excellent idea, but we actually enjoy creating websites. Paying someone else to do it seems a little bit sad to us.

One disadvantage of being small is that we have a limit on how much work we can accept, so we can't accept all the requests we receive. If you want a new website and want it ready in a day or two, we're not the people to talk to! In most cases, a new website will be ready a couple of weeks after you confirm an order and provide us with all the material and content we need.